The Po Delta Park of Emilia Romagna is the most important Italian site and one of the best in Europe for Birdwatching, with over 310 reported species, of which 152 nesting and 176 winterers. For many species the Delta represents a true stronghold at European or national level.

From 21 March to 21 June 2021, 14 weeks of events dedicated to birdwatching and naturalistic tourism, nature photography, cycle tourism, river tourism, food and wine, traditions and culture, environmental education, outdoor sports tourism in the Po Delta Park - UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve.

Birdwatching by feet

Departure from the parking lot of Foce, along the embankment between Valle Cona and the channel Fosse, until you reach the casone di Donnabona (5Km). 
Itinerary that stretches between the open waters of the valley and the countryside where you can observe water birds such as Yellow-legged Gull, Gull, harrier and shelduck.
Birdwatching by feet or by bike

In the Mesola Wood you have the possibility to rent bicycles or ecological mini cars and entry in some areas open to the public (info at the entrance). 
The Mesola Wood, over 100 hectares of land, is a Mediterranean forest dominated by oak, white poplar, ash south. It is known for the presence of red and fallow deer, Alloco of the Delta.
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Birdwatching by feet

Park near the restaurant Canneviè and follow the signs. The path winds over bridges and embankments with the possibility of stopping in equipped huts. You can watch flamingos, redshank, snipe, spotted redshank and was recently spotted the rare sandpiper Terek.
Birdwaching by feet (0,50 Km)

The lavoriero is the structure for the capture of eels.
There are many species that you can see there: great white heron, egret, heron, gull coral, rosy gull, common tern, sandwich tern, little tern and black tern.
Birdwatching by car

Take the panoramic route Acciaioli from Lido di Volano to Lido Nazioni.
Along the road that runs along the east side of Valle Bertuzzi can see various birds. Among the nesting you can see swan, shelduck, oystercatcher, knight of Italy, avocet, snowy plover, redshank, rosy gull and Mediterranean gull and many others. If you are lucky you will probably see flamingos and various species of anatre.
The late afternoon is the best time for sightings of birds flying over the area in search of a place to rest for the night.
Departure from Portogaribaldi' s harbour (2 Km from The resort) in the morning, after a quite navigation arrival to the Isola dell' Amore, a nice beach with an important light house. After relaxation at the beach navigation in narrow channels for birdwatching and lunch inside the natural Park with traditional fish-dishes. 
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