Our Covid Protocol

Today more than ever your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance for us.
With a team of experts, in conformity with national and international health authorities provisions          (WHO) in the field of Covid 19, we created a Protocol to protect our guests' and staff's health.

Sanitization and Hygiene in our apartments

Every time we have a new guest we sanitize the apartment with certified products and we ventilate it for minimum 90 minuts up to 120. After, we sanitize the premises with Sanity System, an alcohol-based sanification system that removes odours and regenerates the air in the rooms, removing germs and pathogens from surfaces and fabrics. Sanity System complies to the guidelines of the Department of Health and the Higher Institute of Health to eradicate the new Corona virus.

Most frequent cleaning of the air conditioning systems

We maximized both the entering of outside air and the frequency of filter cleaning by using disinfectant products.

Safety equipment for guests and staff

Devices for individual protection will be available on demand at the reception. The Safety Kit includes mask, packets with disinfectant gel, disposable gloves.
Our guests will find several hand sanitizing gel dispensers in every common areas, in the pool and near the Resort's bar and restaurant.

Sanitization and reorganization in the common areas

For its own structural conformation, our Resort doesn't have closed areas but the reception, the laundry and the restaurant.
Every common area both inside and outside sanitized multiple times a day with certified products. We reorganized the spaces in order to guarantee social distancing and a proper safety.
In this regard we prepared special signs to help our guests to keep the appropriate distance, following the anti-infection rules and the right paths to enter and exit the Resort and the common areas.

Staff training

All the staff has been trained in regard of the new procedures and standard of service under the safety protocol and the certification process.